Why should you choose wooden fake plastic doors for bedroom doors?



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Why should you choose wooden fake plastic doors for bedroom doors?

The bedroom door is the most important position in the apartment, which is a space separating common and private space. This is also the position of interference of feng shui so the impact is not small to the experience as well as the fortune of the owner.

There are many types of doors that can be used to install bedroom doors such as natural wooden doors, industrial wooden doors, aluminum doors, steel core plastic doors, ... Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. So what is the perfect solution for the bedroom door?

Traditionally, bedroom doors are often made of natural wood. The reason for the most popular day door line is the rustic, close and very suitable for the bedroom's own space. In addition, the wood is usually quite solid so it has a good bearing capacity to create a sense of security for the owner when resting. In terms of feng shui, wood of the carpentry system is quite easy to harmonize living space. However, the day line is not without weaknesses.

One of the most obvious weaknesses is weather elasticity. This is the nature of wood, it helps plants adapt to the weather better. However, when used to produce wooden doors, it creates some troubles. If handled carefully, it can reduce natural elasticity, but it cannot be eliminated. When used, a common phenomenon is that the door is often stuck when it rains, moist air. In contrast, when it is hot and dry, the door is likely to be open or buckled. Sometimes cracking occurs if the door is not handled well before.

In addition, one of the major obstacles of natural wood cutting is the price. Wood resources are increasingly exhausted, making the price of wooden doors increasingly pushed up. In fact, the price is far higher than the performance that the door line can bring. If you decide to choose, customers not only have to spend big money but also face potential risks. This is the main reason that this traditional door is gradually being replaced by newer, more suitable categories.

For all kinds of aluminum doors, although recently there are a few high-class aluminum with relatively stable thickness, electrostatic paint is quite eye-catching but also exists many weaknesses no less than natural wooden doors. Because the door is made of aluminum, the door usually makes a sound when opening and closing. For a long time, it often creates creaking sounds that are very uncomfortable for users. In addition, the cold-tone powder coating surface is not suitable for bedrooms that require mild warmth. Sound insulation, insulation of the door line is not as expected is also a small obstacle.

For steel core plastic doors, the strong point is quite solid structure, the material is quite friendly, the door opens slightly. However, with the structure, most people do not create a sense of peace of mind for people in the room. Homeowners can use blinds or curtains for doors but still cannot create absolute peace of mind. That is not to mention the color of this door line is quite monotonous (mostly white or equivalent), so it is difficult to harmonize with the interior space in the bedroom.

So what is the perfect solution for the bedroom door system?

The answer is: Wooden fake plastic doors

This is the door line that synthesizes all the advantages of the above doorways, but there are almost no disadvantages.

Here are some key advantages:

    About aesthetics: The door is diverse in color and design. The wood layers are beautiful and sharp and spotless.

    About price: The line of fake wood doors has a fairly wide price range from popular to high-end suitable for many types of works and different needs of customers.

    About the material: It is composed of high-strength synthetic resin, environmentally friendly and excellent heat resistance, moisture resistance.

    About the function: Good sound insulation, good insulation ensures true "private" space for the bedroom.

    Additional features: Quick installation, easy cleaning, extremely high durability, ...

It is difficult to find the weakness of this line. So it is not too much to say that the fake wood plastic doors were made to make the bedroom door. In addition, with the preeminent features, wooden plastic spurs are also suitable for toilet doors, creating a clean and comfortable space.

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