10 reasons to choose plastic doors



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10 reasons to choose plastic doors

Plastic doors have many different types, they can be made from uPVC or ABS plastic, or wood plastic, widely used because of their advantages are waterproof, termite, ABS plastic flame retardant. They are widely used in commercial and housing projects, with attractive and seductive looks.

Plastic doors are also covered with wood or painted wood or covered with real wood is an advantage of plastic doors. Plastic doors currently have some types such as Korean plastic doors, Taiwan plastic doors, Sungyu Plastic doors are very popular in Vietnam market. Here we offer a few reasons why you must use plastic doors:

1. High quality plastic doors do not use toxic chemicals

Most plastic doors are made from uPVC or ABS plastic, which is the safest. It is not recommended to use FRP plastic doors because of their toxicity. Taiwan plastic doors, Sung Yu plastic doors, ABS plastic doors are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, recyclable.

Common metal doors such as aluminum doors and steel doors are cheaper but have the potential to cause many diseases for your family members because the additives in aluminum doors or steel doors are heavy metals like Lead (Pb), Cadimi (Cd). Steel core plastic doors are safe for health by using clean additives such as Calcium (Ca), Zinc (Zn). These are common additives for plastic products such as water bottles, packaging used in the food and pharmaceutical processing industry ...

2. Costs

Product costs always play a bigger role in the process of choosing a product. Therefore, plastic doors are always a great choice when compared to the cost of other product lines. In fact, other types of doors are usually 30-40% more expensive than plastic doors. Doorways are cheaper than iron doors, aluminum doors, glass doors or wooden doors. This is because doors are made on industrial lines and the door is not affixed with additional cost because of having to apply laminate / veneer layers.

3. Design, color, style

The doors and plastic doors have a solid plastic structure, thus creating a glamorous look for the interior and exterior. Plastic doors are made with many different designs and colors, so you will not need to be hesitant about the style.

In addition, PVC door design brings attractive appearance to office furniture and exterior as well as in your own home.

4. Delivery time

The production of natural wooden doors or iron doors is a completely manual process, not an extrusion or automatic process. Therefore it takes a lot of time in production, and the bulk demand is not met in a timely manner. Delaying the delivery schedule becomes another disadvantage of wooden doors or steel doors, affecting customers. Compared with plastic door manufacturing, is an automatic process, which means that bulk orders can be produced in a shorter time period.

5. Ensure sound insulation, insulation and insulation

Steel core plastic doors are perfectly soundproof four times higher than aluminum doors and wooden doors so it is very suitable for urban buildings, the road needs quietness. Especially, because the outer plastic layer does not conduct heat and conduct electricity, you can feel secure when using this utility product.

6. High durability, no deformation

Steel core plastic doors are made of high-grade uPVC material so they have a very long life, are not corroded, oxidized by acid or salt like aluminum. The Profile Bar in steel core plastic doors is designed and manufactured to suit the hot and humid tropical environment in Vietnam using additives and stabilizers. So you can rest assured to use steel core plastic door products for 10-20 years without distortion such as: curved, warping, aging ...

7. Bearing capacity

Steel core plastic is a smart choice when designing interior in your home because it is a high strength bearing door. The door has a steel core of 1.2 - 1.4mm thick, reinforced inside, so it is very suitable for high-rise buildings and wide-area doors. Another advantage is that the steel core plastic door with safety glass system, key lock in many positions ... should resist the forces of impact or the intrusion from outside.

8. Guaranteed fire resistance

You may be worried because the outer plastic layer of the steel core plastic door may not be able to withstand very high temperatures, easily catch fire. But be completely assured because of the uPVC plastic component, and especially ABS plastic, with the preparation of a flame retardant additive. When at high temperatures, the Profile bar is only deformed but does not burn, spreading the flame, so it will protect your house from the risk of fire.

9. Meet all requirements of specifications and sizes

You are very satisfied with the product of steel core plastic door but do not know what kind of door size is best suited for your apartment. Experts who install the steel core door will come to the place to measure and advise on the specifications, the most reasonable installation size for your home to look luxurious and modern. With steel core plastic doors, customer door parameters will be entered into the computer system, from which Profile cutters will automatically measure the bar according to the data entered. Therefore, all customer size requirements are met, while ensuring absolute accuracy, maximum door sealing capability.

10. Environmental protection

The use of steel core plastic doors made entirely of industrial materials to replace natural wood materials is a solution to limit forest exploitation and protect a precious resource.

You are completely assured of plastic doors in the family compared to the use of wooden doors or aluminum doors only in a short time using will be aging, termites. Moreover, due to limited heat loss, energy saving and cooling of the room are saved. With the ultraviolet absorption capacity of the glass, the door also protects indoor furniture from being discolored, reducing the lifespan due to the impact of these rays.

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